At our core, we’re a small group of determined women, aged from 30 - 60. We are not a religious group. Some of us belong to churches; others don’t. Some of us are politically aligned; others are not. We’re a band of individuals who don’t always agree. But we all believe in love, and in working together as one human family. We are driven by the conviction that every one of us can make a difference and help to change the world for the better.


The three Trustees are Sue Hampton, Flip Tatum-Pike and Cordelia Gohil.  We are grateful for regular and one-off support with projects and events from a number of wonderful people.

We have volunteered in France and Lesvos. 

We are also part of a large collective, Group Leaders Group, that comprises a number of small NGO's with the same objectives.  By working together we are more efficient, up to date and can mobilise quicker.