19,500 Nappies for Lesvos


1000 Shave and Soap Washbags sent pocket option to Paris

700 SNUG Packs sent to Paris


700 BAGS OF LOVE sent to Syria

1,000 FOOD PACKS sent to Dunkirk

570 Dignity Packs sent to Lesvos


300 CARE PACKS sent to Calais

100 BABY BOXES sent to Syria

70 FRIENDSHIP BAGS sent to Syria

70 ART BOXES sent to Lesvos

20 ARRIVAL PACKS for Safe Passage

500 Brand new BLANKETS sent to Lesvos

3000 TENTS purchased for France

1,000 SLEEPING BAGS purchased for France

325 pairs of NEW BOOTS for Dunkirk pocket option italia

600 pairs of NEW TRAINERS for Dunkirk

1,500 NEW T-SHIRTS for Dunkirk

800 Winter COATS sent to Syria

50 sets of new waterproof trousers and jackets for Dunkirk



MEDICAL EQUIPMENT purchased and sent to Syria

Hundreds and hundreds of boxes of clothing, toiletries and medical supplies to Lesvos, Athens, Syria, Yemen and France


Financial support to YARLSWOOD

Financial support towards construction of SCHOOL in Lesvos

Financial support towards the running costs of charity on Lesvos

Financial support to mobile phone and chargers in Dunkirk

Shoes, Toys, Underwear purchased on Lesvos

Money donated to DENS local homeless charity

TRANSPORTATION and RUNNING COSTS of Mobile Refugee Support in Dunkirk

Money towards the purchase pocket option opinioni of a VAN for Mobile Refugee Support in Dunkirk

Refugee Volunteer workers accommodation, food, electricity and heating costs paid for on Samos.

100 new whiteboards, markets, 50 new multi lingual books, craft, toys and teaching supplies for Project Play in France.

Funding towards the combined Covid Emergency ResponseCampaing.

and so much more ....

As well as hundreds of boxes of clothing, toiletries, nappies, blankets, sleeping bags, tents and medical supplies all collected , sorted and distributed to France, Lesvos, Turkey, Greece and Syria!